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Overseas Teachers

Academic Year
1st Semester (Fall Semester) : early September to late January
2nd Semester (Spring Semester) : late February to late June


Recruitment Start Time
March to July to recruit teachers for Fall Semester
October to January to recruit teachers for Spring Semester


Teaching Vacancies
Oral English
Advanced English Listening and Speaking
English for Academic Purposes
Public Speaking: Speech and Presentation
Conversational Japanese
Japanese Listening
Oral Spanish

Computer Structure and Digital Logic
Web Programming

International Relations
Culture of English Speaking Countries

Introduction to Business
Decision Making

Organic Chemistry


Teaching hours per week : 14-18 (1teaching hour = 45 min)


Free on-campus accommodation
One-way or round airfare
Monthly salary
Holiday allowance
Life accident insurance and critical illness insurance
Free Chinese language and culture courses



Monica Pan
Tel: 86-519-8633-4662
Fax: 86-519-8633-0500

Recruiting Advertisement for Huaide College

Location: Jingjiang (靖江)Jiangsu Province (江苏省). Jingjiang is situated at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Owing to its superior geographic location, the city is within two-hour driving zone to major cities like Nanjing, Taizhou, and Changzhou in Jiangsu Province.


About us: HuaideCollege is an independent school affiliated to Changzhou University. Foreign Languages Department is one of the eight departments the college has. Number of English majored students is about 80 for each grade. And number of registered students (age from 17-20) at present is 5970, plus 2000 more are expected in the following autumn semester, 2016.

Job description: TWOnative English teachers are keenly needed for the general courses focus on language training. The foreign teachers will need to work four days a week for 16 classes (45 mins each). List of courses are as follows:

1.English majors / None English majors – Oral English;

2.English majors – English Writing;

3.English majors – A Brief Introduction to British and American Culture;

4.Not Compulsory: Optional classes or lectures.


Requirements: We are looking for native speakers who have either bachelor degrees plus some previous teaching experience OR English majored master degrees.


Contract & Payment: At least one year contract starts from 1st Sep., 2016.

8,000-9,000 Yuan/ Month.


(1)Free apartment (65 – 80 m2) Wi-Fi; Free gas, water, and electricity; Complete facilities, bag check;

(2)Free round-way flight ticket each year;

(3)Free shuttle bus from Jingjiang to Changzhou everyday (except Sat.);

(4)Extra pays for lectures or vocational school teaching;

(5)Two college canteens on campus with Chinese cuisines.

For further information please visit our college website:

Resumes are welcome to be sent to:

Chenwei Ma

International Office, Huaide College, Changzhou University

Tel: (+86) 150-6220-0829

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