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Life @ CZU

Campus Card

The school will provide you with a “Campus Card” which is something like an on-campus bank card.Campus cards must be used to buy food from the dining halls but can also be used in the campus convenience stores.

To put more credit on the card, you should bring cash to International Exchange Office during working hours.You must charge at least 200RMB at a time.If you lose your card, you will be required to pay 30RMB to replace it.



Shopping & Services

On the back side of the dining halls, there is a row of store fronts which offer various services (#9 on Campus Map).These include the following:

l Newstand (8:30am – 10pm) – Mostly Chinese newspapers, magazines, and books.

l Boutique (8:30am – 10pm) – Small gifts, jewelry, trinkets, etc…

l Copy Center (8am – 9pm)

l China Telecom (Mon-Fri 11am – 8pm, Sat – Sun 9am – 5pm)

l Supermarket (7:30 am – 11 pm) – Medium sized store for buying basic necessities, renting movies, ordering train / bus tickets.You can pay with cash or use your campus card.

l China Mobile (8:30 am – 9:30 pm)

l China Unicom (8 am – 6pm)

l Eye Glasses Shop (8:30 am – 9pm) – Eye glasses and contact lenses

In addition to these stores, there is an another convenience store (#7 on campus map) which has dry cleaning services on the second floor as well as an office for purchasing and adding money to Changzhou City public transportation cards.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are by far the most convenient way to get in touch with others.They offer a variety of inexpensive services for sending short messages and making local as well as international phone calls.Shops, like the China Mobile within CCZU campus, can sell you a SIM card which vary in their cost and services provided, but you can expect to pay around 30 RMB per month for basic services. To put more money on your phone account, visit your service provider and tell them your phone number.When you purchase your SIM card, you will need to register your personal information using your passport.They will ask you to setup a password so that you can access your account through the company’s website or by calling their hotline.


Most mobile phones can receive international calls for free and can be activated to call international numbers by purchasing a special service package.The price of international calls per minute will be similar or better than buying phone cards (see below).The international service can be opened through the online website, by calling the service hotline or by visiting the main branch in the Changzhou city center.Have your passport available if you wish to open the service in person.All of these tasks require fluent Chinese so you may need someone to help you.