U.S. Consul General in Shanghai Visits CCZU

   Release time: 2015-11-23    Have access to: 10

On November 12th, Hanscom Smith, U.S. Consul General in Shanghai, visited Changzhou University (CCZU). Prof. Pu Yuzhong, President of CCZU met the delegation with Sima Shuanglong, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal Government.

Prof. Pu introduced the rapid development of CCZU and pointed that cooperation with American universities would be an important part of the future strategy. CCZU will increase the exchange of teachers and students and strengthen academic exchanges to build a bridge between the two countries.

Consul General spoke highly of the internationalization of CCZU and expressed appreciation of the university’s efforts for academic exchanges. Mr. Smith said that US Consulate General in Shanghai will give support to promote cooperation and academic exchange of universities between two countries.

After the meeting, Mr. Smith delivered a speech on the relations between China and the United States, which included bilateral trade, academic exchanges, visa policy, and international cooperation. About 300 students and teachers attended the lecture and Consul General responded the audiences’ questions with smart answers.



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