Chinese-Russian Youth Forum Held in CCZU

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On December 15th, Sino Russian Youth Forum was held in Changzhou  University. Delegates from North-Caucasus Federal University (NCFU) in Russia, university delegates from Changzhou and government representatives attended the forum.

Prof. Pu Yuzhong, President of CCZU, met with delegation from NCFU and extended a warm welcome to the Russian guests. The two universities signed Memorandum of Understanding for further exchange. He also noted that the youth forum would build a bridge of education exchange between the two universities.

Prof. Chen Kuiqing, Vice President of CCZU, said that Russia and China are close neighbors and partners. The frequent exchanges between young people will further enhance the relationships. Pof. Siporin, Vice President of NCFU, also believed this forum would strengthen the cooperation between two universities as well as two countries.

After the opening ceremony, teachers and students from the two universities exchanged ideas on student innovation and entrepreneurship, and held cultural activities together.After the forum, the delegation visited the dormitory of international students, the innovation center and Changzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum.

NCFU is located in Stavropol in the south-west of Russia, which is an international sister city of Changzhou. The Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou government gave generous support to the forum and the cooperation between CCZU and NCFU.

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